Monday, 28 September 2009

My Goal Progress Update

I been waiting for the time my goal's duration got to the 50% mark, I'd planned to write this blog when it did so I can reflect on my progress and see if I am on task to get the desired 125,000 Gamerscore and 175,000 True Achievement score before 2010.

I'm a couple of days late writing this (I forgot it had gone over 50%, it's now at 51%) but I think my ratio has stayed the same roughly. I had decided back in March or something this year that I wanted to try and go for 75% game completion, with the GSL on at X360a I was expecting to sink well low down however I managed to stay between the 50-52% mark, maybe even going up instead of down. On the 25th of June TA made it possible to create a goal for getting your percentage up to a desired number, I then set myself the challenge of giving myself 1 year from that day to get it up to 75%. Below is the image found on TA of my progress.

As you can see I am right on track here (well maybe 0.05% under) with my goal which I am pleased about. Do I think I can keep to this goal and accomplish it? Not really too sure. I'm doing well but I need to keep it up and with the summer been and gone my days of tons of free time for gaming have gone.

Then the other two goals were set up and decided by me as soon as TA implemented the goal feature. With my gamerscore sat at just over 101,000 I knew I needed a new goal to do (getting to 100K was my previous) and I thought it wouldn't be without of reach to go for 125,000 before New Year. This goal is quite big for me as I was aiming for around 24,000 in just over half a year, which a quite estimation means that if I kept up that rate for a year I'd be getting 46,000. I've had my Xbox 360 for 3 and a quarter years at the time of starting this goal which means I had averaged about 33,000 gamerscore a year, quite a bit lower than the equivalent of 46,000 which would have been my goal. Check below to see the image of my progress.

This is going well and I hope as long as I can get a few easy gamerscore games off of friends won't be too hard to accomplish.

The goal of True Achievement score to 175,000 is similar to my gamerscore one except even more demanding I believe. I didn't do the maths so I'm not sure but my gamerscore goal increase was around 24,000, my TA score increase was 44,500. Now roughly that is an average of 1:1.8 or so, as my current average of points ratio is around 1.55 it means I would need to be playing high TA scoring games if I wanted to try and get to 175,000 TA score before 125,000 gamerscore. View the final image below.

The goal is on track for completion but as expected is slightly behind my gamerscore one. I don't mind though because I've been improving my point ratio average from each achievement over the past few months so I'm doing quite well.

That's it for this long mind boggling statistical post. You can view my goals here if you wish to track my progress. I probably won't post about this goals again until near Christmas time where I make my decision about whether the gamerscore and TA score goals will be achieved.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Loving TrueAchievement's Gaming Calender

There's a reason behind why I've been boosting lots of online achievements recently with some of the games I've been meaning to do for months but never gotten around to. It was because I was never motivated, couldn't be bothered. I mean why do you want to play a game online and then not actually play it properly, it's boring, tedious and usually takes a long time (at least on FPS games).

But when TrueAchievements released their Gaming Sessions feature I got the motivation back to try and get more online achievements that I've already left. The first version of the calender had many of flaws and although it worked it was unfinished. A week later 1.5 was released and now the feature has became arguably the best for me on the website. I am now able to view the calender by weeks and see what games people are planning on boosting. Seeing a set time that people are arranging to meet up makes creating large 6+ player boosting session's much easier to organize. A great example of this feature at it's best is that in 30 minutes time I will be playing Rainbow 6 Vegas 1 for the first time in 2 years (would be if I waited 3 times). Why? Because someone has arranged to get the 16 player host achievement at that time, an achievement I never thought about bothering to get but now since the opportunity has arrived I'll simply join the session and let somebody else deal with the hassle of finding enough games.

I love this feature and I really do love the TrueAchievements website. I find myself on there just as much as Gmail and these days which is saying a lot. With the website getting great new features on roughly a monthly basis I am excited to see what else can be created in the future. I'd love to see them implement a badge type system which they have at, you'd be able to see your total amount of gamerscore in the FPS genre and see what percentage of the games you've played, the percentage of gamerscore you've gotten from the FPS games you've played and many more neat little statistics.

Since I've started writing a blog I will continue the momentum and start writing on my mini achievement review of You're In the Movies. After I've done that my back catelouge of games I need to still review will be at 4, under 5 for the first time since I started doing this lol.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Is Sega Rally Really That Hard?

When I got Sega Rally for £10 it wasn't an easy choice. I wasn't too keen on getting it but I really wanted to go home that day with an Xbox 360 game, after all it was one of the main purposes of me going shopping in Milton Keynes (got a £20 gift card from HMV for Christmas).

So for a tenner I thought I'd give it a go. I'd heard the game is meant to be really hard and not easy for gamerscore but I remember I played the demo once and it seemed alright so I decided to take a plunge and get it. I played it for an hour or two when I got it for the GSL and got 135 points, first impressions was that it's fun, not too easy but not stressfully hard.

Since then it had not been played, until around a week ago. I was really bored and decided I'd start work on a game I've neglected because my Lovefilm account has finally run out and I've cancelled. I was aware I needed to spend a few hours boosting the 100 host achievement online so I started work on that and once I was bored decided to go back to Championship mode. I've now gone through the Premier, Modified and Major modes unlocking all the achievements for unlocking the events. Some of these achievements had a TA score of nearly 3.0 which I find quite crazy. I can see why people think the game is hard because a few of the achievements require to to win pretty much every race in every event however to unlock the next stages you just need to average 25 points out of 30 in every rally. This isn't too difficult thanks to the tracks having an invisible barrier at the side of the path meaning you can use it to your advantage to help get round tricky corners.

Now I'm at 530 gamerscore on the game and am looking at a potential of between 600 to 660 if I can be bothered. I haven't really gotten to sick of the game as I've only been playing it for around 8 hours which isn't too bad. With Forza 2 still not even touched and Juiced 2 being given to me tomorrow I'll need to finish it off quick so I can move on. My backlog of racing games to play is getting too high (Flatout Ultimate Carnage, PGR3, PGR4, NFS Pro Street, Burnout Revenge, Burnout Paradise).