Tuesday, 3 November 2009

And the COD4 Story Begins

I never got in to Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare like millions of others on this planet. Didn't get the game at release and although at times I felt like I wanted it I prevailed and never gave in. It's different when I get given the game though as that's what eventually happened when my dad bought an Xbox 360 for himself second hand off of someone who also happened to open COD4 (surprise surprise).

I started off the story when I got it and did a few levels on veteran and enjoyed it, then stopped. I've played it online with friends and it's pretty fun but really the game hasn't gotten much playtime, until now.

As it happens the sequel is released next week and I hopefully will be getting the game really cheap thanks to a flaw in Gamestation's trade in policy for COD6. Without going in to too much detail, Gamestation are saying "trade in any 2 games from this list and buy COD6 for £5". The games on that list are all brand new and worth £30 on they're own at least apart from Overlord II which can be bough brand new online from Play.com. Unfortunately tons of people have caught on to this offer (so much so that Overlord II become the hottest selling item on both the PS3 and 360 on the website!) which leads me to think that my idea of trading in a copy of Overlord II and the free copy of COD4 I got won't work. But fingers crossed I will be getting a copy of the game for just a cost of £15 (once again thanks dad for buying a console and games which you don't play lol).

As I am planning on trading in my COD4 (or shall I say my dad's :D) I know I should finally bother to do the single player in COD4, getting as much achievements as possible. I finally started tonight after contemplating it for a few days and I completed 1 level on veteran unlocking me 40G. Now I would have gotten another achievement but I messed up on destroying all the TV's as the level ends too quickly before you've managed to destroy all the TV's in the last room. At one point I didn't even think I'd get to the end of this level as when I got in to the massive News Room in the TV Station I died like 100 times in a 30-45 minute period just trying to kill everyone in the room. After getting fed up I resorted to a GameFAQs and the 2 guides I read both directed me to travel left and through the little rooms. This of course helped tremendously and made the whole ordeal much easier than what I was originally trying (killing constantly respawning enemies).

Anyway that's it for this blog post. With just 6 more nights to go until COD6 I have a lot of work to do on COD4. I think I can do it but I also want to play Overlord II before I get rid of it and I'm currently engrossed in Luxor 2 with a friend (that's a blog post for another time). Too many games and not enough time to play them lol. Must go to bed now, got to be up in 6 hours for college, stupid veteran mode taking longer than I'd planned!