Saturday, 27 August 2011


This has been copied and pasted from the blog I have over at True Achievements. If you don't know what the GTASC competition is then this may not be a good read for you.

As you probably know 3+2=6 got eliminated from the GTASC last week, a 2 man team of me and tractakid. What you may have not known is the team name originated from the tattoo I have on my foot, not sure if tracta told many of you that because I know I haven't.

But on to the nitty gritty, my thoughts on the whole competition. Having a competition that goes on for a year is always going to cause problems, a lot can happen in a year which can have direct or indirect influences on how one may contribute scoring points for their team. My main concern was how fast the sign ups went. Just a day or two I believe for 100 people to sign up. The question is, how many of them actually had the heart in them to give the competition a good go?

You may not agree with me here but I believe you should have over 100,000 gamerscore to be considered knowledgeable in the field of score whoring for a competition. Of course this isn't a definitive figure but I tend to use it as a guideline, somebody who has over 100k should hopefully know how to put points on when it's needed as they would have most likely been at a deadline before, be it a previous Gamerscore League or wanting to simply finish a game in order to trade it in as soon as possible.

I've kind of rambled off point a bit there so I'll go back to where I was heading haha. I remember the start of the competition was really lame. So lame. I have a friend that would have loved to be in the competition and I have no doubt would still be in now whoring away as strong as ever. He wasn't able to partake though as he wasn't quite quick enough to get his team signed up. It's hard to be a judge and decide who should or should not take part in a competition but I'd have thought some checking in to the gamers background could be done to see if they are truely capable of taking part in the competition, at a serious level. Sure they may not want to take it serious and I would be okay with that but when others that would take it seriously get left out I feel a bit bummed. Don't quote me but I'm sure a lot of the teams that went out early on are probably on low gamerscores that got that day excitement of taking part in a competition and then lost it the next day, not caring to score points and take advantage of being in the GTASC.

I mean I'm signed up for the GSL over at x360a which starts in a couple of weeks and I've taken a look at my competition, a lot of them with low gamerscores. They should be in a favourable position to beat me and anybody else with a high gamerscore as they will have games such as Avatar which have not been put on the there tag. But how many of them will actually outscore me? I'm in it for fun but I'm still going to use it as an opportunity to knock out a few of the easy unplayed games sitting on my shelf. It just makes me laugh a little when I see gamers with low scores talking the talk but then unable to walk the walk.

Getting gamerscore in a competition can be compared a lot to boosting I reckon, they both require determination and commitment to succeed. I'm not on about a few hours of boosting, I'm on about doing something that takes at least 10 hours to do which means planning has to be done. Lots of people just don't know how to commit. It means you can't bail and decide to go out with your mates nor does it mean you want to go to the movies with your girlfriend as you haven't seen her in a while. The GTASC has gotten very tight now and it will separate the men from the boys. Those that want to stay in now will need to make sacrifises and play Xbox more than they probably would like to. The guys with the big gamerscores understand this and they should ultimately get the job done as they have experience. Team The Hoarders I'm going to call you out, with one person on your team at just 50,000 gamerscore there is a lot of potential scoring to be done by you but will you get the job done? Team Disposable Income have done the majority of easy games on the console (in 3 different regions!) yet they continue to put up the points and stay in as they are true professionals to gamerscore whoring.

It was a shame my team went out last week but my thoughts and opinions I had (which I shared over TA feed) do remain the same, despite Van Uden's response to me about it. tracta made a mistake (although was small) which meant our team got knocked out. In the previous week I kept us in, I got the job done. It's not a dig at you Andrew, it's just backing up what I've been saying during this blog post. I said it was going to be my last week and I was sticking to that, to have kept going in the competition I would have had to make the sacrifises of ignoring my girlfriend, not going out skateboarding and potentially missing work just to get the available time to put up the needed points. I knew the workload was getting too much and I wanted out before we got eliminated.

This is where me and tracta both had different opinions. He wanted to get knocked out knowing he had given it his all and had done his best. Now that's all very good and all but how do you know you've really done your best? That's where I find flaws in that thought process. He may have felt like he did his best last week and went out with his head held high but me, I feel like a loser. What if I didn't see my girlfriend that day or what if I didn't go skateboarding, I could have played a new game and scored extra points to survive. Matter of fact is there are 168 hours in a week, there's a lot of gamerscore that could be earned in that timeframe. But no sleep you say! Well giving it your best shot could very well mean that you don't sleep. Only you yourself know what your best is (I'm speaking to everyone, not directly at tracta by the way) and I know my best was never shown in this competition.

I speak from experience as I did a Gamerscore League back in 2009 on x360a and had to put up 5,000 gamerscore in a few days to get my team in 8th position I think, which was our aim. I remember abandoning my girlfriend and skateboarding for those days and staying on the Xbox finishing games like Kung Fu Panda (which was enjoyable I must admit but still, it's tedious). We never did get that 8th position but we can't have been too far off. I did truely feel like I had given it one of my best shots as I was sick of playing Xbox and exhaustion had set in. You can only truely say you've given it your best efforts if you've felt those effects. Now I am speaking directly to you tracta, did you really give it your best try? I know I didn't and therefore I feel like a loser. Had I really given it my best shot and still gone out then I would be fine with it. For these reasons I would have rather just gone out in a week where I didn't try as at least then my conscience is clean for knowing I didn't try and fail. As they say, the first step towards failure is trying.

Think that would be all for now. I did have plans to mention more about what I've been up to since my elimination from the competition but this blog post is surely long enough as it is. I could double or even triple the length of it by including more details and thoughts/theories I have (I've missed out the whole dilemma of how I disagree with how scoring works in this comp) but I think I've summed up most of what I wanted to say. Remember they are just my thoughts and feelings and I'm not saying I'm correct and your wrong. Especially on the needing to have over 100,000 gamerscore part. There's guys with double my score who may think the same of me, if so they have the right as they're more experienced in achievement earning than me. Anywho that's me done, until next time!