Friday, 30 January 2009

Xbox is Back

So it took Microsoft 10 days to take my console away, give me a new one and get it sent back. Not too bad deal for me considering they gave me a free month of Xbox Live Gold.

I don't really want my Xbox too much at the moment though as last week on Friday (forgot to post) I bought Skate 2 on PS3 and I have been trying to get the trophys on that.

Will wait until the Gamerscore league properly starts in a few weeks time before I get back to whoring gamerscore points I reckon.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Xbox Finally Got Picked Up

They came for it at mid day to fix. Going to suck not being able to play skate 2 when it comes out this friday. But oh well, I'll get it eventually.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Red Rings of Death

After a day of my 360 freezing randomly it finally gave way and the 3 red rings came up. This is the first time so I can't really complain, hopefully get it sent off tomorrow and back in two weeks.

Sucks that skate 2 will be out and me not having a 360 to play on, may convince me to buy on PS3 instead.

Either way I won't be posting for a while (for obvious reasons), cya!

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Dance along to High School Musical 3

I've had my status set to appear offline in fear that my friends will laugh at me for playing High School Musical. It's actually a fun game where you press buttons in turn of the beat (similar to DDR or Guitar Hero games). Got 150 gamerscore on that in 30 minutes so far, all going good.

Did some Gears of War 2 getting 65 gamerscore on that and another level on Halo 3 but other than that I haven't been on the Xbox much as my brother has been. Anyway that's the end of this quick little update!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Completed Wall-E

So I played Wall-E quite a lot today, thinking I'd get quite far into it, maybe even reach the credits. I ended up completing it, all 1000 gamerscore gotten! It wasn't all that hard and I'm suprised about people complaining the not dying achievements are really difficult, because they're not, they are just right.

Anyway this is just a quick update. Will post the game off tomorrow and then start playing something else.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Focusing on Wall-E

So I wrote out everything I wanted to say and then there was an error and I lost all I typed?

So to sum it up as I can't be bothered to type it all again. I decided to focus on Wall-E now and get 1000 on it quick in order to swap for another game. Got 300+ on it today and didn't find it too bad, will get it completed soon.

Def Jam Icon also arrived in the post.

Monday, 5 January 2009

New Games

Got myself a few more games since my last post on this blog. I won't go into detail as I did on my General Life blog but basically my dad bought TNA Impact and Facebreaker cheaply on 360 and I got 2 copies of Prizefighter for £3.50 each and Sega Rally for a tenner as well as 2100 MP for £13.50

Gaming wise yesterday I didn't do much except for going back to Wall-E and completed the first level properly, netting me 75 more gamerscore in the process. Today I did Chapter 6 on Mirror's Edge and got a couple of miscelaneous achievements on the game.

Not sure when I will get a chance to play my new games but tomorrow is a day off college so I will surely get some gaming in (despite needing to do lots of assignments!).

Friday, 2 January 2009

Gametrailers 2008 Awards & NBA 2K7 Boosting

Today I spent a lot of my time watching Gametrailers 2008 Game awards, after a couple of hours I had managed to watch them all and was rather pleased with my ability to predict the result of the winner beforehand. I agreed with the verdict of the majority of the decisions and I thought it was a good watch. I was baffled with how Gears of War 2 won the best graphics though as I watched my brother playing the game just moments before and it looked nothing in comparison to Far Cry 2.

But anyway when it came to gaming today I didn't do all to much yet again. At mid day I discover that the new LOTR Conquest game demo had been placed onto the marketplace so I went online right away to download that. Played on it for 30 mins to an hour and had mixed impressions. It seems like it could be good fun and a laugh with mates however I just get the feeling it isn't going to pull together as effectively as it could potentially be. After being interested in buying this game it's made me decide that I will wait. With skate 2 coming out a week later I don't think spending another £40 on a game will be a good decision, waiting a while to see it at the £20 mark would be a better idea.

Today also saw me get my first achievements of 2009! After not playing at all yesterday on New Years Day it meant that today on the 2nd I would get my first achievements of the year. I had been approached by NLy10nd1 to boost for the online achievements on NBA 2K7 so right now as I am typing this we are lamely joining eachother's game and quiting in order to get the 20 Ranked Wins achievement. Getting through it quite quickly so I will hopefully get it done within the next 20 mins and be able to sleep easy tonight knowing I gained 100+ gamerscore on a game I've been meaning to boost in for ages.

Anyway enough of my blabbing, I need to go back to the game and concentrate in ensuring I take it in turns to boost correctly (I wasn't thinking a minute ago and pressed No instead of Yes so that the match got forfeited!) lol.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

My Gaming Habbits Will Now Be Blogged!

As I stated in my General Life blog, I have made it a new year's resolution to start blogging. As I am a keen avid gamer I thought having a blog for me to discuss my gaming habbits would be a good idea. Now I'm not entirely sure what I plan to write about for this blog but I'm sure it's going to be focused around the basis of Xbox 360's achievement system.

I got my Xbox back on Feb 19th 2006 after waiting nearly 2 months to get it (was supposed to be a Christmas present). I quickly got addicted to getting achievements and now nearly 3 years later I stand at a gamerscore of 76,075. Getting score has been an up and down bumpy ride for me but with 2 more months of free rentals courtesy of Tesco I am hoping to get closer to the goal of 100,000 which is my aim. There's something about the 6 digits, it draws me in you see.

I do collect Trophy's on the Playstation 3 too having just reached Level 3 the other day thanks to LittleBigPlanet. I'm not on the console as often though as it's in the lounge, not in the room like my 360. I have a Wii too which I play everynow and then but even rarer than the Playstation 3.

So that's enough for a first post. Look forward to hear my highs and lows of what it's like to get gamerscore, it's a frustrating game to be playing.

Would like to finally mention Stallion83 being the one that motivated me to want to do this. He's the number 1 in the world when it comes to gamerscore and has a blog where he details his events on his way to 1,000,000 gamerscore. Seeing what he was doing seemed like fun so I thought I'd try it out. Will write back soon on my achievement gaining, until then.