Thursday, 26 February 2009

Jericho Is Enjoyable

Thought I'd make a quick post to say that I think Jericho is an enjoyable game from what I've played so far. People seem to either hate it or love it, I think I'm one of the few that's in the middle. It can't be hated as it's unique and just fun to play however loving it is going too far as it becomes very repetitive (killing waves of enemies).

I got 355 Gamerscore on it so far from a few hours playing. I'm suprised I didn't get bored (I normally do with FPS), I guess that proves to me that I like that game. Will hopefully get the 1000 done tomorrow.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

GSL Week 1 Is Over

Our team really didn't perform as good as we should have done and you can see by our 10th position. In reality we didn't do bad, it's just every other team ahead of us did really well. Crazy to see KOTOR with 40,000+ and sucks to see Hand of Thrawn 10k ahead of my team. We have our work cut out to catch up, that's for sure.

I'm being sent Jericho which is supposed to be an easy thousand gamerscore. Got to hope and pray I am able to get gamerscore from Call of Juarez and replaced EURO 2008 as my captain wants at least 3,000 from each member this week. That's 900 more than I got last week! *gulps*.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

9th Place, Slowly Rising

And we're slowly rising as I personally aim to get our team in to the top 6. Whilst I've slept it seems The Hand of Thrawn have taken a big stride and are now 5,000 or so points ahead. This is a slight bummer but I have a lot of gamerscore at my disposal this weekend so I will make the most of it and try to help our team catch up.

After the cock up from Jason Bourne's game I've got my replacement + another game because I sent back Turning Point. Summer Athletics and Call of Juarez now sit before me as I anticipate playing them. Back to the Xbox for gamerscore now!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

GSL Has Started

And it's gone off with a bang thats for sure. There is a scoring system (found here which is a fantastic way to be able to look at the competition and see where your team is ranking up against the rest.

As I type this my team (Not So Silent Ninjas are in 11th place with 1910 gamerscore. This is little in comparison to KOTOR who have got over 10x that amount already. Nevertheless there is hope as I plan to increase on my currently earnt 285 score. This would have been made easier if Tesco actually sent me Bourne Supremacy instead of Necessary Roughness, the wrong game!

But I need to get back to gaming, just got to beat Turning Point on Insane and I can send that back. This is going to test me, that's for sure....

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Turning Point Boosting

It was frustrating but I managed to get two elusive achievements I thought I'd never get on my gamercard. I can now officially say I have got MVP in both a 8 man Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch game type. Of course I boosted for this as online is full of ghosts (gameplay is diabolical you see) so after spending 2 hours contacting and nagging people to come on the achievement was finally ours.

Am really wanted GSL to come sooner now. It starts tomorrow at 9PM, I look forward to getting point, I've been deprived for weeks now.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Penalty/Free Kick Mayhem

So I didn't play Xbox in the morning and was good enough to do work instead. This meant I had a couple of hours to game tonight and I did. My aim was to finish off my Captain Your Country career with Baros and the Czechs which I did. I also tried to get the Penalty achievement in the Quarter Final but nerves got to me (they really did) and I didn't put enough power in my shot so the keeper saved! I re-tried in the Semi's (my team still won, as they did in the semi's!) and scored this time, netting the achievement.

Not got the Free Kick one yet and have had 5 attemps with just 1 being on target and a comfortable save for the keeper. I just learnt that LB helps power the shot more so I will try that tactic out better tomorrow as well as trying to increase Baros's free kick ability.

All this is in EURO 2008 by the way, didn't play anything else tonight.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Found a Team for GSL

So it's been a couple of weeks but I think I am finally sorting out my team for gamerscore league. The previous league winner's captain is going to Captain us so we are in for a good chance!

Other than that I haven't been playing too much, meh.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Frustration, Arrrgggghhhh

So ShopTo decided today that they was going to drop the price of Skate 2 to £27. Why couldn't they have done this yesterday!!!!!! I would have saved myself £7 as I wouldn't have got the £33 trade in price and then spend £7 to get it on £40, instead would have got £27 cash back and then bought online for £27 without losing a penny (actually I would have lost 1p :P)

Other news I've played skate 2 online getting some more exp in games of skate and started my Captain Your Country career with Baros for the Czechs on EURO 2008. Will relax on some skate 2 again now and try calm down over losing £7 today. :(

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Got Skate 2 on 360

Went into College with the game and went into Gamestation where they offered me £25 trade in. After the guy said "if you can find it cheaper anywhere else we will do a quid better than it" so I said CeX would give me £32 trade in. I was told to come back with a receipt or printout from the website for proof so I went to lesson, went on the website and printed it off. Went back and they gave me £33 for my skate 2 on PS3 :D. I spent £7 and got it on 360 and played it a little bit last night.

I also played EURO 2008 getting a few achievements. I'm pretty bad at football games these days but I will still try my best to get as many of the achievements as possible.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Completed Turning Point

After spending the majority of the day playing it I did manage to do all 8 levels on the game getting 500+ gamerscore on the way. It started off really well but as time dragged on I saw how it is yet another shooter that failed to deliver. It's main pros are it's unique storyline but even that feels slightly flawed. I started getting really frustrated about the lack of checkpoints the game had as having to go back and re-do 5 minutes worth is a right nuisance after you've done it 10 times. The end of Level 7 took me ages as I had bad weapons (shotgun) and found it hard to kill everyone when I had all these machine guns blazing at me.

Either way it's an alright game that should be played as it is overall a good easy 500 gamerscore to get just from progressing through. I haven't got the Hard and Insane achievements yet as well as the Sniper one (it's glitched, I've done it 10+ times ¬__¬) and any of the Multiplayer ones (nobody was online when I went on).

I want to get a few multiplayer ones tonight hopefully and then I'll be done with the game and will send it back tomorrow. Which reminds me, Top Spin 3 and EURO 2008 will be arriving then. :D

Back to the Xbox!

I've now pretty much got all the trophys on skate 2 on the PS3 minus a few that take ages to get which I won't bother until I get the game on Xbox 360. I've had my beloved console back since Thursday yet for some reason I've been abusing it and sticking to the PS3. But this will now change.

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty came through in the post today from Tesco Renting service and so far I've played the first mission and it seems pretty good! The storyline is one of a kind (Churchill died previously and therefore Nazi's won the war) and is starting to get me gripped as I plan a counter attack with these guys I just hopped into a vehicle with. I got 3 achievements so far with 1 of them being story progressive and another for grappling an enemey and chucking him to his death. They were for 5G each but I also got a 50G achievement for having more than 80% accuracy in the first mission.

Am going to continue playing this game today and get a lot of it done. Might write again later.