Thursday, 9 July 2009

Game Completed: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

When I originally played this game I got all the achievements apart from one, completing the game on the hardest difficulty. This was due to the fact that unfortunately the achievements are not stackable and at that time I could not be bothered to re-play the game again. After finding it for just £3 in HMV though I decided to give the game another go and managed to complete it in 5 or so hours. Therefore this review will be focused on hard mode playthrough but I am going to try and remember what it was like to get all the other achievements which I did a couple of years ago.

With just 19 achievements Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer is one of the games on the console with a low amount of achievements. You've got three types of achievements as you work through this game which are game completion, collectibles and powering up plus a random achievement for successfully executing a 2-play attack (which I think was just added at the end to make the total gamerscore 1000 as it doesn't make sense to have just 1 type of achievement like that in a game).

You'll pick up 10 of the games achievements when you simply complete the game for the first time (with the 11th coming from playing through again on hard mode). As you can expect this is quite an easy game and therefore getting these achievements should be relaxing as you simply play the game. In hard mode you will probably die a few times but due to the experience of already completing the game once you'll be aware of how to defeat certain bosses and enemies which would have made you a better player. My advice is to make the most out of the ability to let 3 of your team mates die and then simply hide until they respawn, therefore ensuring you don't ever properly die. By repeating a certain level with the Thing you will be able to earn points to upgrade your superhero's powers really easily which therefore makes those 4 achievements gotten with less than an hours work put into them. This leaves the collectibles to make up the remaining 3 achievements which as always in these games is a hassle to do but easy if you take the time to follow a guide.

Final Verdict: - It's just another simple superhero game which will give you an easy 1000 gamerscore. I do recommend it however it can become slightly tedious at times and frustrating finding the collectibles (took me forever on the last level as the buildings all look the same). Due to the nature of the achievements though I would recommend any gamerscore whore to give this game a go, at the end of the day it is pretty fun to make use of 4 people's powers (the game has a good combat system).

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