Friday, 2 January 2009

Gametrailers 2008 Awards & NBA 2K7 Boosting

Today I spent a lot of my time watching Gametrailers 2008 Game awards, after a couple of hours I had managed to watch them all and was rather pleased with my ability to predict the result of the winner beforehand. I agreed with the verdict of the majority of the decisions and I thought it was a good watch. I was baffled with how Gears of War 2 won the best graphics though as I watched my brother playing the game just moments before and it looked nothing in comparison to Far Cry 2.

But anyway when it came to gaming today I didn't do all to much yet again. At mid day I discover that the new LOTR Conquest game demo had been placed onto the marketplace so I went online right away to download that. Played on it for 30 mins to an hour and had mixed impressions. It seems like it could be good fun and a laugh with mates however I just get the feeling it isn't going to pull together as effectively as it could potentially be. After being interested in buying this game it's made me decide that I will wait. With skate 2 coming out a week later I don't think spending another £40 on a game will be a good decision, waiting a while to see it at the £20 mark would be a better idea.

Today also saw me get my first achievements of 2009! After not playing at all yesterday on New Years Day it meant that today on the 2nd I would get my first achievements of the year. I had been approached by NLy10nd1 to boost for the online achievements on NBA 2K7 so right now as I am typing this we are lamely joining eachother's game and quiting in order to get the 20 Ranked Wins achievement. Getting through it quite quickly so I will hopefully get it done within the next 20 mins and be able to sleep easy tonight knowing I gained 100+ gamerscore on a game I've been meaning to boost in for ages.

Anyway enough of my blabbing, I need to go back to the game and concentrate in ensuring I take it in turns to boost correctly (I wasn't thinking a minute ago and pressed No instead of Yes so that the match got forfeited!) lol.

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