Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Am I Really That Bad At Bayonetta?

Now when I saw Bayonetta was being sold for just £17.99 at Zavvi last week I thought to myself I deserve a treat and bought it. Of course I did this knowing full well that CEX would give me £20 in cash for it so it was a no lose situation (although CEX now offer £16 so it's going down...). You see I am aware of how hard Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Cry are meant to be, I have a little bit of experience and yeah I found them bloody hard. Bayonetta is meant to be different, everyone says it isn't as hard and I was lured in by the crowd. Everyone has played a 2010 game and loved it already, I wanted in on that!

And I kind of am. Bayonetta is a one in a kind game as it is like nothing else I've played. I'm not one for visuals but I am definitely attracted to this game. I've only done the first 2 chapters and so far I am loving the Beloved creatures that have popped up a few times. Any way I'm started to go off track. I find the game good and then I came across the Alfheim challenges. Oh my bloody god!!! I was quite happy with the difficulty up until I started trying these but now I'm close to tears as I officially admit defeat to Bayonetta. See I think it's incredibly hard and no one should be able to do them however that can't be the case as apparently the TA ratio for Bayonetta stands currently at just 1944. Yes that isn't low but I'd expect it to be in the 3000 plus range where only elites manage to conquer.

So what's going on with me and why am I moaning like a girl? Well mainly because I think people like to gloat on the web and make it seem like they can do the game easy without problems. I've got to quote this guy on one of the Alfheim challenges I spent a good amount of time trying.

"This one is super easy. You have no restrictions. You just have to kill all the enemies in the time limit you're given."

Oh..... not going to give me advise then? For gamers reading which haven't played Bayonetta, these Alfheim challenges are portals found during the game which take you to an arena where you need to accomplish a certain task. For the task in mention I needed to "simple" kill all the enemies in the time limit. Thing is your health is only 3 bars long (meaning 3 hits and your dead) and there is at least 4 waves of enemies (probably more but I haven't survived long enough to find out). A wave consists of maybe 6 to 8 enemies all with the intent of making your life hell. I fail to see how anyone can claim this to be super easy! When you have numerous enemies attacking you it's not possible to check who's firing what at you and before you know it an enemy I wasn't tracking as I was busy with the rest just threw a fireball at me. Usually I'd accept that but when you only have 3 bars of health I find it bloody frustrating.

I shall try to plug my way through the game and no longer worry about these Alfheim challenges. They were detracting the enjoyment I was receiving from the game which I won't put up with. Lets hope I can plow my way through on Normal difficulty and continue on having fun with this very unique and great (minus the difficulty) experience of a game.


  1. Easy way to beat every difficulty and challenge on Bayonetta - farm Halo's on the level two or level seven bosses (check out the guides). Unlock the Climax Bracelet via the phonebox. Buy said bracelet and equip it. DESTROY EVERYTHING!!!

  2. Hmmm. I will spend some time looking in to this. You got 1000 on the game and I am impressed so your knowledge and advise is valuable. Thanks.