Saturday, 13 February 2010

Name & Shame - Shystie

You may be wondering what the title of this blog means. Well to help you understand I am going to paste the Xbox Live messages that I received from a gamer with the gamertag of Shystie. Here we go.

"How hard was 1K on P8 for you?"

Nothing wrong with that. Every now and then I do get messages from people I don't know either complimenting me on my gamerscore on the Tony Hawk games or asking me for advice on how to do some goals in the game or whatever. I was in the middle of playing Infernal so I paused and responded with something like "It's hard but possible" as I didn't know what else to say in response. His reply to me though started to get me fuming.....

I've just realised at the time of typing this up that the message he sent to me has disappeared from my inbox! I have no clue as to why because I never delete my messages so it doesn't make sense. What he basically asked in a calm and kind manner was if I would be willing to get the achievements for him with my prize being up to 2100 Microsoft Points. Before I sum up my views and opinions on this matter I will continue with the conversation we had. I replied stating that I wouldn't do it and I was curious to ask how he could put trust in to a complete stranger with his gamertag. I for one would never let anyone account recover my gamertag out of fear of them changing my password. Moving on...

"Yeah I'm aware of that, I'm not trying to get a high gamerscore and I don't go around on forums or anything posting my gamercard for bragging rights, I just want to get a high completion % for personal satisfaction and P8 is 1 game I just can't do :("

I checked TrueAchievements and true to the guys word he wasn't on their system which I was glad to see. But he said he wants a high completion percentage for personal satisfaction?!?!? I fail to see how paying somebody the equivalent of £18 (that could have funded my newest purchase, Bayonetta for £17.99 lol) to do the achievements for you is satisfying. He says he doesn't do it for bragging rights which means he's doing it purely for himself, what is the point? In may be morally wrong but I can understand why he may want a high percentage so that he could brag to his friends but that's not the case is it? I responded to him saying something along the lines of what I just stated in this paragraph, how he isn't going to get the satisfaction I did after spending thousands of attempts doing a combo around the whole city in the last goal of the game to become Rank 1. That feeling of accomplishment for me on that day was priceless.

"Well it's like all the games ive played and completed, P8 is the only game I cannot progress any further on no matter how much I try so instead of just leaving it sticking out like a sore thumb I figured I'd see if I could get it cleared up abit lol"

All the games he's played and completed hey? I decided to look at his card at this point and sure enough he had the full gamerscore on the majority of his games including the likes of Resident Evil 5, Call of Duty WaW, Saint's Row 2, Batman Arkham Asylum and plenty more. I didn't bother to check date stamps and everything but I wouldn't be surprised if this person has gamesaved in the past and/or paid other people money to finish the games off for him. It's a shame as he very well may be an excellent gamer capable of completing the games, the problem is his gamertag loses all of it's integrity once you find out he's been trying to pay me to complete a game for him.

I felt the need to expose this gamer to you all in case you for whatever reason may get in contact with him. I believe he does brag about his gamertag and for this reason I wanted to make sure that if he does ever come across you in the future you are aware of what his mentality is on the achievement system (if the going gets tough pay someone else to do it for you). Finally it makes me think back to my previous blog post when I was moaning about how people enjoy easy achievements such as them on Fable 2. is it because everybody is turning in to completion perfectionists such as Shystie and don't like knowing they may not be able to get the maximum gamerscore on a game because they're not good enough? That's another debate I may dabble in to sometime in to the future.....


  1. I have never understood why somebody would go through all the effort of gamesaving. Wheres the satisfaction in seeing 1000/1000 but knowing you did not earn it yourself?

  2. That's my exact point Sabre, there's no "personal satisfaction" in it like this person claims.

  3. Nice read. It's always nice knowing what fools are out there. lol