Tuesday, 3 March 2009

End of Week 2 of GSL

Bit late to post this but I was rather tired on Sunday from gaming all day and yesterday I got lazy. But Week 2 of the GSL has ended and yet again me and the Not So Silent Ninjas find ourselves in 10th place.

I sure did disappoint myself this week getting over half of the goal of 3,000 for the week which was supposed to be a minimum set by my Captain in order for us to stay in contention for a Top 6 finish. I started off on Wednesday with getting a few extra achievements on EURO 2008 which I never originally planned to get, 2 of them being ridicoulous online ones. So first day start was good and I followed up well by playing Jericho on Thursday from 7PM until 12PM and the same on Friday to end up getting a 1,000 there. It was a decent enjoyable game and I am probably one of the only people that thinks this as everyone either hates or loves the game. I'm glad I played it as I haven't gone through a FPS in a while, storyline was enough to keep me motivated which is what I really like about FPS games.

I had believed that The Golden Compass was going to arrive on Saturday and then this would be my game of choice to play on Saturday but it didn't arrive, damaging my ego as I knew I was going to have to compensate and bother to play Call of Juarez. It's a good enjoyable game that isn't too hard on gamerscore but it's the collectables which are really putting me off. I don't like my games to have them and Call of Juarez has you collecting Posters and Guns. What makes it so bad is when you have a gun there is no way to progress it, therefore meaning if you miss just one you won't be able to go to the statistics page and see what you need to get like you can with the posters. Online achievements are good and I had fun boosting to get them however I dislike having to get 5 people online just so I can blow them up with a dynamite stick. It's not hard to do it's just hard finding people to boost with you.

After wasting time at the weekend to go skate and be with my girlfriend I found myself with only 350 or so gamerscore collected from Call of Juarez when I had planned to have gotten at least 1000 as I combined it with The Golden Compass. I went on Skate 2 at the end to try and get some easy gamerscore to boost my weekly total up slightly but that didn't help as the update didn't include my 50G gotten 15 minutes or so before the deadline at 9PM.

Week 3 is a resting week for me so I am going to do lots of college work (hopefully) and get in some skateboarding which has been little of so far partially due to GSL. I really should pre-play some games and I might do, just lacking motivation as our team is too far behind to think about winning and our rivals The Hand of Thrawn have got a big lead on us too. Either way Ducky Dan is still motivated so I'm counting on him to get us back into the fight, he's my hope.

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  1. Dont lose motivation. The GSL is marathon not a sprint. Use your resting week to come back motivated. However, you will not be catching us..The Hand of Thrawn =)