Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Going to 5 Star GH2 on Hard At Last

It's been a while coming and at least a year of progress but I realised yesterday that I am not good enough to 5 star the set list on Guitar Hero 2 on Hard difficulty. I had 5 songs needed to do (Trooper, Psychobilly Freakout, Institutionalized, Hanger 18 and Carry Me Home) and I did them all in one or two tries apart from The Trooper. I had one go at Trooper and was just a few thousand short therefore I am sure that come GSL week I will past it to get an extra 30GS for my week total.

Been trying Guitar Hero 3 today but no progress made, can't beat Raining Blood on Expert and Knights of Cydonia, One and Raining Blood refuse to get 5 stars on Hard. I will do it, one day.....

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