Thursday, 12 March 2009

Vampire Rain Online Achievements = Easy

After an hour and a half me and Wadinho have walked away from Vampire Rain 650 Gamerscore richer. They are very easy to do and can be combined together to make it less time consuming. It never got boring either really and it was pleasant controlling the Nightwalker and doing crazy ass 50 feet jumps and such, a unique feature not seen in many shooting games.

Other than that I haven't gotten much gamerscore today apart from 1 level of Challenge Mode in Pac-Man Championship Edition and not be hit by a gun and complete a time trial level on Mirror's Edge. Therefore today's gamerscore gain was pretty bad for me as I definitely should have played more games and gotten more. Yesterday was good with LMA Manager and TNA netting me 600G so I'm looking at over 1,000 already on two days of having college and one of them starting at 9PM.

So yeah the future looks good for reaching my 3,000 goal this week but I'm playing all my easy games to do so. Halo 3 and Smackdown vs Raw 2008 will give me 770 Gamerscore for completing on Legendary and doing a year of GM mode. They will help lots in my bid to finally get 3k this week. Whether I can keep it up for next week is another matter.....

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