Tuesday, 7 April 2009

End of Week 7 of GSL

So this is the third time I've done an end of week review, I didn't do one last week as I did not game but this week (well the one just finished) I did and got lots of gamerscore (5,050 to be precise). It was my last week (I don't wish to play in 8, I'm burnt out) so I gamed really hard, staying up until 7:30AM on Sunday in order to help me get the eventual 1000 gamerscore on Kung Fu Panda. I enjoy the style I have taken towards doing these blog posts, meaning I am going to carry on with describing each individual game and using a box shot of the cover to help illustrate it.

Now I've played a Madden game before but this was Madden 06, packed with 10 or so easy achievements which a friend helped me get with ease. I barely played the game and didn't have a clue what was going on. Fortunately this remained the same in Madden 08 with me simply simulating over half of the achievements in just minutes which made life easy for me. However there were some achievements that no matter how many times you simulate will not unlock, therefore I actually needed to bother to learn how to play a Madden game. After a couple of hours of playing I now have a grasp of the concept behind playing what I previous was a game of chess but on a sports field. The 10 or so achievements I got legitimately (without simulating) really were not too hard, instead at a good difficulty for a novice like me who is playing their first Madden game. I got 800+ gamerscore of this with more being possible however for now I'm going to leave it.

The first "kiddy family game" that I played this week out of two (Kung Fu Panda being the other). This game is definitely a lot better than some of the crappy family games I've had to put up with throughout my time of gamerscore whoring. Playing as Bolt (the dog) is a fun experience as he has a wide variety of attacks and special powers which makes for entertaining battles. Penny (the girl you also control) has a unique gadget which allows her to climb walls and slide accross wires which helps add depth to the level variety. I was able to get the full 1000 on this game by using the achievement guide to make sure I collected all the collectibles. Overall it was a good 1000 to get and although not amazing I am pleased to have it on my profile, would probably play it again for another 1000 if there was another copy lol.

Why have I added NBA 2K7 to this post? Well it's not because I spent a lot of time playing it, it's because I finally finished off the majority of the achievements on the game. With just 3 left to get (2 being silly online ones) I have basically completed the game and thought now would be a good idea to talk about it. So what I did this week in GSL was to get all the players I still needed to get the respective achievement with in to one team and then played against a team with who I gave 5 created players at the height of under 5 feet. Thanks to my brothers help it now became a doddle for me to be able to block all the shots he made against me, considering he was so small and my players were generally tall I didn't even need to jump to block. I have found the achievements on this game to have been good fun to get. There should be achievements for actually bothering to play through career mode and such but I'm not complaining as I have been able to play the game properly and still get the achievements (without the need of simulation which I remember doing on NBA Live 06).

With under 24 hours left of the competition to go I knew I should set my sights on playing Kung Fu Panda as it apparently only takes 6 to 8 hours for the thousand. Now I'm not quite sure how long it did take me but it was definitely around the 10 hour mark and I only needed to go through the game twice unlike three times for people who mess up the don't die achievement. This game has been know as being one of the best family games on the market and quite rightly so as the game has a fresh feel thanks to slick looking graphics and combat features galore. It has a lot of fault though, my main one being the too many repetitive fights which go on for too long found on a few levels. Achievement wise it's a good list involving you to need to get 100% through the game twice. It's a right pain in the arse that the achievements wern't stackable but it doesn't matter, I bothered to complete it twice in a day and now I'm reaping the benefits of a 1000 gamerscore more on my gamercard.

There were other games that got played by me this week however they are not near completition (apart from LMA Manager but I already discussed that). It's worth noting that easy gamerscore was gotten on Smackdown vs RAW 08 (350 for GM mode) and 09 as well playing minimal amounts on PGR 4 and UEFA Champions League. I got 100 gamerscore on Phantasy Star Universe but there's plenty more boredom still to come from that game so I will feature it properly in the future. I'm done for now, will do an in-depth post soon giving an overall summary of the GSL.

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