Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Week 7 Off to a Flying Start

With Week 7 being my last one of the competition (due to me most likely sitting out Week 8) I have really put the effort in to ensure I definitely do get to 90,000 gamerscore before the end of the week, hitting my tournament aim.

It's started off really well as I got 100G in minutes on Phantasy Star Universe for spam striking a boss, resulting in it's early grave. Put in Madden afterwards and in 5 minutes or so another few hundred gamerscore had been collected. Unfortunately I got invited to boost in a 6 person Hour of Victory session which I knew I shouldn't turn down due to the probability of never getting a chance to do so if I turned it down now. So a couple of hours there got me 140G and then it was time for an hour of finishing off the simulating the achievements on LMA Manager, netting me the full 1000 gamerscore on the game and another 500 gamerscore to the kitty.

So I've started strong and gotten around 1200 gamerscore already, with so many new games to choose from I have the best chance yet to beat my personal best this week, I'm sure I'll do it this time.

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