Thursday, 16 April 2009

End of Week 8 of GSL

I didn't think I would be playing this week, the schedule had me down for being a sub but due to Wadinho going on a holiday and kizwiz not wanting to play I was basically forced (by myself, no one on the team made me) to play as I fought to get the Not So Silent Ninjas to 7th. Check out my mini reviews of the games I played in my last and final week of the GSL.

Now Skate 2 came out late January, just when I happened to get the RROD so I purchased it on PS3 (not wanting to miss out on playing it) and ended up trading it in and getting it on the 360 just when the GSL was about to start. I had already gotten the majority of the trophies on the PS3 version and therefore wasn't fussed about waiting a couple of months for the GSL to end for me to play however I was aware it had easy gamerscore so throughout the 8 weeks I have played it gradually, finally getting to Week 8 and after a bit of pre-playing before the week started got nearly all of the achievements done. The game is really good and it's been great to take a break from whoring crappy games during the GSL to play a bit of something I love and still manage to get gamerscore from. I won't discuss the game anymore as I fancy doing a blog dedicated to the game but wanted to include it in this end of week review as I did play a lot pre-week and finish off the majority of the achievements.

From the previous week I bought PGR4 as a friend of mine wanted me to get it so bad he was willing to spend £5 towards me doing so. I was aware it did have easy gamerscore so I decided to act and buy the game for Week 7. It helped that week (200 QUICK Gamerscore) but I didn't have the time to give the game the attention I wanted to do, that's what I did this week. I have been so hooked on playing this game (up until yesterday, 3 days after GSL when I finally got to Rank 1) as it's so god damn fun and easy for gamerscore, I entertained myself collecting the random puzzle achievements and eventually bored it out in Career mode trying to rank up. Been unable to play online with my friend much as I've been so focused on the Single Player aspect, that will be done soon as I aim to get Gold on everything in Arcade (and maybe Platinum if I'm lucky).

This World War game should have been left in the 20th century with those that had fallen in war as it's a pretty bad game, as I discovered when I finally played the Story Mode after boosting online for weeks. Throughout the week and the days post GSL I have managed to finish off the game, getting a full well deserved 1000 gamerscore from it. Having to go through the majority of the levels 3 times, one for each character (total of three) wasn't as hellish as I had imagined it would be thanks to the levels being rather quick (got longer as the game progressed though!). I was extremely greatful for the simple structure the achievements have which is simply complete every level on the game for the gamerscore. There's no need to collect any crap or play on Veteran difficulty which meant I need not worry about missing out achievements which if you didn't know causes me lots of stress. I can forgive the (at times) dumb AI and the odd glitch where you get stuck in between the door as overall the game is quick and different, meaning you won't get bored as you continue to gain easy gamerscore. I recommend this to all, even completionists (if you can be bothered to boost for 10+ hours online which I'm sure you will).

They are the three games I mainly played during the last and final week of the GSL. I will be writing another blog post shortly writing about the overall experience of participating in a GSL and hopefully throw up some interesting statistics about my performance during the competition. Other games I played this week were:

Golden Compass (oh how crap!, will speak about in the future), Phantasy Star Universe, Prince of Persia and Condemned 2.

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