Friday, 28 August 2009

Game Completed: History Channel Battle for the Pacific

When the prospect of yet another world war shooting game is placed upon your hands I'm sure I speak for everyone when you raise your eyebrows and sigh. With very low review scores and it's existence not properly known to me it's safe to say that this game slipped under the radar for pretty much everyone in the world.

The achievements on this game are straight forward, split up in to two categories which is Single Player and Multiplayer. With 21 of the 44 achievements being for the Single Player aspect of the game it shows how little imagination was used from the developers heads when they decided to write the achievement list for this game. 10 levels on the game with an achievement awarded for the completion of each one and another 1 being awarded if you complete the level on Hard with the final achievement being awarded for completing the whole campaign on Hard. These can all be obtained in just a few hours as the levels are incredibly quick. The only time a level may exceed 30 minutes of playtime is if you get stuck due to how unforgiving the game can be at times. I remember on one level your forced to follow your team mates as they run into an enemy base. Your enemies don't touch your team mates (they never die which means using them as bait in the game is the best tactic ever) which means they unloaded all their ammunition on to me, causing immediate death. Thankfully the majority of the levels are a piece of cake where by you won't die once.

The other 23 achievements are all boostable on the Multiplayer aspect of the game. All achievements apart from 1 can be boosted with 1 other player but will however take a long time. The majority of the achievements are getting 100 kills with blabla weapon however there are a few object related ones such as needing to kill the flag carrier 5 times in CTF and being the only person to capture a flag on your team. Your main objective though should always be to keep in mind that there is an achievement for getting 500 kills with American weapons and 500 kills with Japanese weapons. That's a total of 1000 kills your going to need to get online, 2000 if your boosting with a buddy. This takes time but the process can be done quicker if multiple people join your boosting session which I highly recommend otherwise you'll be boosting online for over 15 hours.

Final Verdict: - This game was listed as a game that can give you 1000 gamerscore in 10 hours on x360a's list therefore I rented it for a quick gamerscore boost. Although the game was quick it wasn't 10 hours quick, the multiplayer boosting alone took that amount of time. The boosting is not fun to do and becomes boring and tedious fast while the single player can be frustrating and difficult at times on Hard difficulty. I say stay as there's plenty of other better games to choose from however if it gets placed upon your hands as it did to me then it's worth giving it a go.

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