Sunday, 9 August 2009

Game Completed: Top Spin 2

This is the game that made my younger 15 year old self consider gamesaving to get an achievement I felt like I got screwed out of. The reason it's taken me 3 years to complete this is because I fell short of 1000 Career Points the first time round and I've only just bothered to re-rent it and repeat the whole process over again.

With only 11 achievements in the game it was easy for me to work out my route of how to get the achievements (Road Maps weren't around back then) and I started off with Exhibition mode. It was simple, just defeat all the male and female players in the game and net yourself 175 gamerscore in the process. The gamerscore gets even generous when you see that all you need to do to get 225 gamerscore is to play 50 ranked matches on Xbox Live, winning or losing.

With 6 of the achievements now completed you have just 5 to worry about when you head to Career mode (with 2 achievements that require you to win your first match and tournament being unlocked pretty quickly). The next 3 are slightly time consuming and is where you'll spend the majority of your time on this game trying to get. On my second playthrough I was about to get to Rank 1 on my second season (due to me already being good at the game) however the first time round it was a bit more trickier for me to get to Rank 1 as I couldn't defeat people with low stats and therefore stuck to playing lots of Minors.

Every achievement minus 2 are now out of the way so I knew all I needed to do was to get 1000 Career points and unlock the last 2 achievements. The problem is that back when I first played the game people were unaware of what the career points actually were, me included. There is another point system found in the game when you look at your world wide ranking, this is the point system I thought had to be over 1000 so considering mine was I simmed to the end of the career to find no achievement unlocking. This got me very angry so I just got rid of the game and only recently like I originally said I was able to re-do the whole career again to get my final achievement (15 hours I'd rather have not bothered to do).

Final Verdict: - Gameplay aside this game has gamerscore that should interest everyone, even Tennis atheists. The game can be hard and frustrating at times so gamers should be aware of what they're getting themselves in for. Learn how each individual top player plays and discover their weaknesses, once this is done you'll find yourself getting a simple and fun 1000 gamerscore.

Oh I should have mentioned I go on holiday for 2 weeks tomorrow. Will be back writing more reviews on games I've completed (another 5 to go I think) when I get back.

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