Saturday, 29 August 2009

How Long It Takes for 1 Million Gamerscore

I was just thinking to myself "how long would it take to get the 1,000,000 Gamerscore than Stallion83 is going for". I decided I would say it took 10 hours to get 1,000 gamerscore as that's a good estimated average I believe. Then I did the math to see how many hours it would take to get 1 million and then converted the hours in to days, here are my results.

1,000GS = 10 hours
10,000GS = 100 Hours
100,000GS = 1,000 Hours
1,000,000GS = 10,000 Hours

24 Hours = 1 Day
240 Hours = 10 Days
2,400 Hours = 100 Days
9,600 Hours = 400 Days
9,960 Hours = 415 Days
10,008 Hours = 417 Days

Now when you think about that your mouth should fall to the ground. That's over a year playing your beloved Xbox 360 console non stop, a feat impossible for any man. Now in reality it's possible for someone to not have to work due to being rich, they would need 8 hours sleep, couple hours of doing something else and a few hours to eat throughout the day. That means they could potentially game 12 hours a day, which means we need to double the length of time it takes to get 1 Million gamerscore to 834 Days.

I'm not going to bother going in to anymore detail than that as I think you get the idea about how crazy Stallion83's goal really is.. What I will mention is that (from my mathematics) I have played the equivalent of 46 days of non stop gamerscore whoring. Now if I was to turn rich tomorrow and decided to become dedicated to rising my gamerscore I could fit in to the 12 hours a day scenario and managed to double my gamerscore to 220,000 in 92 days, just in time for 2010 New Year (I believe).

Have a think sometime about how much of your life you've poured into getting those achievements, it's quite scary to realise.

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