Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Could I Really Complete Bayonetta

I've gone further than I thought I ever would, I continue to push myself with the game and now I find myself just 5 achievements away from the whole 50. So how have I managed to conquer Bayonetta and practically complete it? The answer is all down to the accessories.

Once I grinded out my first playthrough on Normal everything else has become a breeze. I've gone to the telephone boxes and inputted cheat codes which allows me to purchase items and weapons early, this makes the game sooooo much easier. I'm on the Epilogue now on Hard mode (would complete it now but got the girlfriend coming round in 10 minutes, doh!) which will unlock 2 more achievements once done and then it's on to the mode without witch time which I do believe will be a piece of cake still thanks to my items and weapons.

It's the alfheim portals that may cease me to 1000G on this game because they're stipulations in them which can cause me to find them very hard. I only did a few on my Normal playthrough but I managed at least 5 more on Hard as I now had the weapons and items which made them much easier. I'm not too sure if I will bother to go back through the game for a 4th time on Normal mode in order to complete the challenges but I very well might. I would love for 1000G on Bayonetta but I am proud of what I've managed so far and that should be enough. Time will tell.....

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  1. Ha ha, I told you those items would make your life easier. Use the Rosary Beads on Climax mode too - you'll be unstoppable. I did all of the Alfheim portals on Normal, with the items, and they were fairly simple.