Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Little Updating Following Last Post

Last week I blabbed a post out as I explained how I have too many games to play and not enough time to get round to them all. I listed what games I had on my mind then and it helped me to decide what my plan was at conquering them all.

We'll start negatively, DJ Hero hasn't been touched once since I made that post. I'm near the end of the game and enjoying it but I haven't felt the need to push on with it when I am probably going to be borrowing it for many months to come. If not the game seems to be being sold with the peripheral for £40-£50 now, that's more like my price point. However the DJ set has come in handy for me, I've been using it as a wireless controller whilst I played Pro Faceoff matches against myself in Band Hero and Guitar Hero 5. The achievement unlocked on 25 wins on Band Hero which is precise, Guitar Hero 5 took a total of 98 games though, that's insane! Band Hero was the first music/rhythm game that I've got the 1000 gamerscore on, that's because it's definitely the easiest to do so in. Having felt good completing that I moved on to Lego Rock Band last night which at first glance seems like a very good game. I have to say I prefer the lay out of Rock Bands tour modes over the linear career mode seen in the Guitar Hero franchise.

Finally Metro 2033 has been touched yesterday and on Thursday, getting me to roughly half way through my first play-through. The achievement list on this game is driving me crazy and unfortunately putting me off what would otherwise be a half decent game. I need to be crystal sure on how to unlock achievements, if I don't know exactly how it's done then I may interpret it wrong and therefore lose out, this has happened to me on Metro. This is the problem when it comes to playing newly released games, achievement guides are incomplete as ongoing debates happen as people try to figure out what criteria makes achievements pop (Enlightened and Explorer in Metro 2033).

All in all it's been a good week of gaming with me unlocking roughly 1500 gamerscore. If I keep that up for the rest of the year then I am looking good on getting 200,000 before 2011. :D

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