Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Got Skate 2 on 360

Went into College with the game and went into Gamestation where they offered me £25 trade in. After the guy said "if you can find it cheaper anywhere else we will do a quid better than it" so I said CeX would give me £32 trade in. I was told to come back with a receipt or printout from the website for proof so I went to lesson, went on the website and printed it off. Went back and they gave me £33 for my skate 2 on PS3 :D. I spent £7 and got it on 360 and played it a little bit last night.

I also played EURO 2008 getting a few achievements. I'm pretty bad at football games these days but I will still try my best to get as many of the achievements as possible.

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