Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Penalty/Free Kick Mayhem

So I didn't play Xbox in the morning and was good enough to do work instead. This meant I had a couple of hours to game tonight and I did. My aim was to finish off my Captain Your Country career with Baros and the Czechs which I did. I also tried to get the Penalty achievement in the Quarter Final but nerves got to me (they really did) and I didn't put enough power in my shot so the keeper saved! I re-tried in the Semi's (my team still won, as they did in the semi's!) and scored this time, netting the achievement.

Not got the Free Kick one yet and have had 5 attemps with just 1 being on target and a comfortable save for the keeper. I just learnt that LB helps power the shot more so I will try that tactic out better tomorrow as well as trying to increase Baros's free kick ability.

All this is in EURO 2008 by the way, didn't play anything else tonight.

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