Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Back to the Xbox!

I've now pretty much got all the trophys on skate 2 on the PS3 minus a few that take ages to get which I won't bother until I get the game on Xbox 360. I've had my beloved console back since Thursday yet for some reason I've been abusing it and sticking to the PS3. But this will now change.

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty came through in the post today from Tesco Renting service and so far I've played the first mission and it seems pretty good! The storyline is one of a kind (Churchill died previously and therefore Nazi's won the war) and is starting to get me gripped as I plan a counter attack with these guys I just hopped into a vehicle with. I got 3 achievements so far with 1 of them being story progressive and another for grappling an enemey and chucking him to his death. They were for 5G each but I also got a 50G achievement for having more than 80% accuracy in the first mission.

Am going to continue playing this game today and get a lot of it done. Might write again later.

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