Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Completed Turning Point

After spending the majority of the day playing it I did manage to do all 8 levels on the game getting 500+ gamerscore on the way. It started off really well but as time dragged on I saw how it is yet another shooter that failed to deliver. It's main pros are it's unique storyline but even that feels slightly flawed. I started getting really frustrated about the lack of checkpoints the game had as having to go back and re-do 5 minutes worth is a right nuisance after you've done it 10 times. The end of Level 7 took me ages as I had bad weapons (shotgun) and found it hard to kill everyone when I had all these machine guns blazing at me.

Either way it's an alright game that should be played as it is overall a good easy 500 gamerscore to get just from progressing through. I haven't got the Hard and Insane achievements yet as well as the Sniper one (it's glitched, I've done it 10+ times ¬__¬) and any of the Multiplayer ones (nobody was online when I went on).

I want to get a few multiplayer ones tonight hopefully and then I'll be done with the game and will send it back tomorrow. Which reminds me, Top Spin 3 and EURO 2008 will be arriving then. :D

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