Thursday, 19 February 2009

GSL Has Started

And it's gone off with a bang thats for sure. There is a scoring system (found here which is a fantastic way to be able to look at the competition and see where your team is ranking up against the rest.

As I type this my team (Not So Silent Ninjas are in 11th place with 1910 gamerscore. This is little in comparison to KOTOR who have got over 10x that amount already. Nevertheless there is hope as I plan to increase on my currently earnt 285 score. This would have been made easier if Tesco actually sent me Bourne Supremacy instead of Necessary Roughness, the wrong game!

But I need to get back to gaming, just got to beat Turning Point on Insane and I can send that back. This is going to test me, that's for sure....

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